Dear Customers,

On the 17th of January 2012 it came to our attention that a fraudulent operation had hijacked our Company details and were operating under a web address of with an e mail address of [email protected]

Their fraudulent web site showed our company name, our address, and our full company details.

The man behind this fraud has used the name of Mr Kevin Brewer. With a phone number 07553 603872 and a fax number of 0203 1633908.

The fraudulent web site registered with in USA has been removed  as of 18th of Jan 2012 by’s Fraud department.

This is an ongoing situation and if any customer has any further information to enable us to bring the culprit to justice we would very much like to hear from them.

Meanwhile there is only one person to contact here at Hampshire equipment ltd and that is Derek Hampshire, on 44 1730 826781 or mobile 44 7836 693437.


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